The Summit Series

The MSGA Summit series began as an idea to gather Malaysian from all around the world to talk about what we felt was important to them. Their experiences, failures and successes meld into the experience of being a Malaysian student, regardless of place of study.Now, the summit has become an annual place of gathering for Malaysians studying all around the world. Through the unique parallel sessions, planned and executed by MSGA’s member councils, Malaysians are able to gain perspective and meet like-minded individuals. The MSGA team always hopes that these students become inspired to one day resolve these issues and better our country for the students to come.

Sponsor‘s and Participants’ Testimonies

Congratulations to the organising team on the recent summit organised by the MSGA at Sunway. I like how MSGA unites Malaysian student leaders from around the world on such a worthwhile and laudable project such as your MSGA Summit 2017. It is also timely and good that you all chose to explore your own hopes for the nation, come 2050. After all, it is your future and I wish you all the best in making it a great one for all.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee,Senior Executive Director, Sunway Education Group & Sunway University.

The MSGA Summit was indeed a highly beneficial event, which proved both informative and thought provoking. The speakers hired to conduct the sessions were indeed experts in their respective fields, and as such, managed to provide all of us in attendance an in depth explanation of their topics. The sessions held also highly encouraged teamwork and brainstorming, which was both challenging and proved as a great way to network.

Brendan Yap, Bachelor of Economics, New York University.

Congratulations to the inaugural 2017 MSGA Summit. The team did a great job in organising a fully student-led event. The content was comfortably tuned and the students were able to talk about not only the issues, but also to argue for workable solutions. The highlight of the summit was the parallel sessions. Focus groups spurred a deeper sense of idealism when thinking about the bigger questions. Q&As then prompted the participants to think of practically-reasoned decisions. The summit ended with a panel session on the East-West Malaysia Divide where aspirations collided with cynicisms. MSGA’s goal of collecting ideas by stimulating conversations among the young minds is as valid as the nation building 101 of Malaysia.

Ngo Lee Ling, Bachelor of Economics, National University of Singapore.

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