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Route to Employment (English)

Tay Yi Thong
10 pages
December 14, 2020
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Youth unemployment has always been a pressing issue in Malaysia. The global pandemic has only aggravated the problem as youths are disproportionately vulnerable in the job market. Research suggests that young workers are more likely to be furloughed, while vacancies for entry-level jobs have been slashed and apprenticeships put on hold. Covid-19 will be especially damaging for Malaysia’s nearly 6 million young people (15-29 years old) in the labour force. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of the current job market reflects long periods of unemployment. The insecurity in the early stages of career development can lead to long-term scarring effects.To alleviate the situation, the government has formulated various initiatives to boost youth employment via upskilling and providing employment opportunities, in addition to the unemployment insurance coverage. While the crisis has a staggering effect on the labour market, this might also be an opportunity to produce a labour force with higher tech-adoption rates that are more crisis resilient.The Malaysian Students’ Global Alliance (MSGA) has taken the initiative to compile various initiatives implemented by the government during the pandemic that helps mitigate the long-standing problem of youth unemployment. This issue consists of 3 sections: (i) Employment opportunities, (ii) Training programs, and (iii) Retrenchment claims.While we are living through the crisis, we hope that more youths will be aware of the government initiatives to help them overcome this difficult situation.

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