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Corporate Research

Paternity Leave and Family-Friendly Workplace Policies

Reshna Reem Ganesan, Lok Mei Xuan, Laurasharwini A/P Sivakumar and Faris Durrani
30 pages
October 11, 2021
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The importance of the role of a father in a family is vital, especially for the holistic development of a child. However, for many fathers, the absence of statutory paternity leave (a leave period reserved for fathers in relation to childbirth or leave that can be used exclusively by fathers) laws in Malaysia have prevented them from being vigorously involved in infant care. A survey by the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO, 2020) revealed that 63 percent of women agreed that this paucity negatively impacted their emotional and/or mental health. Hence, this paper aims to determine public perception of various aspects of paternity leave and family-friendly workplace policies and the significance of establishing mandatory paternity leave in Malaysia.

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