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Russian Council Malaysian Students

An umbrella organisation for all Malaysian Students Association in Russia, consisting of: 1) KMSA - Kursk 2) SMSA - Sechenov, Moscow 3) RMSA - Pirogov, Moscow 4) MMASO - Moscow Aviation Institute 5) PMSA - Privolzhsky, Nizhny Novgorod 6) VMSA - Volgograd

United Kingdom and Eire Council of Malaysian Students

UKEC – an acronym for the United Kingdom and Eire (Ireland) Council for Malaysian Students is an umbrella body for Malaysian student societies across Britain and Ireland. Officially founded in 1995, the council serves as a common platform of interaction for Malaysian students across the region, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. UKEC traces its humble origins as far back as the pre-war years when a group of hopeful students initiated an unofficial student movement in London.

Malaysian Students Association In Sudan

Persatuan Pelajar Malaysia Sudan ( PPMS ) telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 1992 dan ditukar kepada Persatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia Sudan (PMMS ) pada bulan Disember tahun 1997. Jumlah ahli PMMS pada awal penubuhannya adalah seramai tujuh orang sahaja .

Majlis Perundingan Mahasiswa Malaysia Mesir

Laman rasmi Majlis Perundingan Mahasiswa Malaysia Mesir (MP3M), badan gabungan persatuan-persatuan pelajar Malaysia di Republik Arab Mesir.

National Assembly of Malaysian Students in America

NAMSA is a student run organization dedicated to serve the current and future Malaysian students studying in the United States.

Persatuan Mahasiswa Malaysia Morocco

Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia

Malaysian Students' Association in Japan

Malaysian Students’ Association in Japan (MSAJ) was established in the year 1976, with the objectives of uniting all Malaysian students in Japan and to instill togetherness and patriotism towards Malaysia. This association is open to all Malaysian students who are studying or undergoing courses for more than 6 months in Japan.

Malaysian Students' Representative Council of Jordan

Malaysian Students' Council of Australia

The Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA) is the official student representative council for Malaysian students in Australia.

Malaysian Students' Association in Turkey

Malaysian Students' Association in France

MASAF which stands for the Malaysian Students’ Association in France was established in 2007 by a group of Malaysian students. MASAF now represents all the Malaysian students in France, and also serves as a networking platform for the students with the Malaysian French graduates alumni.

Malaysian-German Students' Society


Malaysian Students' Association in China