Global Leadership Camp

what is Global Leadership Camp (GLC)?

The Global Leadership Camp (GLC) is an annual event organised by the Flagship & Programme department of MSGA. Since its inception in 2016, over 200 Malaysian Student leaders have taken part in this programme to upskill their leadership skills and connect with other Malaysian student leaders from all over the globe. It features a series of team-building, workshops and speaker/forum sessions specifically on leadership-related topics. This programme is organised exclusively for our Member Councils to develop and empower the next generation of Malaysian youth leaders.

Glc 2022   |   Topic: resilience leadership

This year, MSGA thrives with a mission to ensure the youths are well prepared with high resilience to adapt and overcome the constant changes, evolvement and challenges faced ahead. Indeed, the recent COVID-19 pandemic had overturned everything we had understood as “normal”. As we cope with the new norms, it is time for youths to reflect on their adaptability skills and prepare for a completely different world post-corona. With this in mind, the Global Leadership Camp 2022 is standing on the theme: “Resilience Leadership”. The programme aims to mould our future leaders of tomorrow to foster a resilient mindset; which would be instrumental for their self-development and career journey. 


event itinerary

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key sessions


GLc 2021   |   KEY FACTS & FIGURES