BICARA Podcast

BICARA is wholly owned and run by Malaysian Students’ Global Alliance (MSGA), a global coalition of Malaysian students. This podcast is our effort to highlight the work and the issues faced by Malaysians abroad and at home. Our episodes cover a broad range of social issues - from women to sustainability- and feature student organisations worldwide as well as key individuals and organisations in the field.

youth unemployment
in 2021

As part of our Youth Representation campaign, we have Dr Norshamshida binti Razak, Senior Assistant Director of the Institute of Labour Market Information and Analysis (ILMIA), Department of Statistics Malaysia. We interviewed Dr Norshamshida on the the causes and impacts of youth unemployment in Malaysia, the impact of the pandemic on unemployment and the possible skills young people need when entering the labour force in the future.


As a part of our campaign, we have a returning guest, Aroe from Klima Action Malaysia to speak to us once again! In this episode, we talk about matters regarding youth awareness, mobilisation, and the challenges Malaysian youths may face while engaging in environmental activism.

gender pay gap

In this episode, we look into the status quo of gender pay gap issue in Malaysia with EMPOWER Malaysia, shedding lights on the public’s perceptions towards it and the necessary course of actions that need to be taken at every level and at every intersection.

the legality of child

In conjunction with the Gender Inequality: Balancing the Scales campaign, for this episode, we talk to Prof. Dato' Noor Aziah Hj. Mohd. Awal, a professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) who is also the Child's Commissioner for SUHAKAM about the current laws on child marriage in Malaysia, the problems in implementing wider legal protection as well as the relation of child marriage to marital rape.


In conjunction with the Kita Semua Sama campaign, for this episode, we talk to Moses Choo from the National Council of the Blind Malaysia and explore what it's like being a blind person in Malaysia as well as looking into the level of accessibility in Malaysia for the blind primarily looking into tech for the blind, as well as exploring different areas of improvements for the community.

Mental health in

In this episode in conjunction with World Mental Health day, we interviewed Dr Nurashikin Ibrahim, the Sector Head of Mental Health at the Ministry of Health, on issues regarding mental health such as stigmatisation, accessibility, and crisis management.

living in a stereotyped / STIGMATISED world as pwdS

In this episode, we explore the theme of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and how current policies affect their livelihood and welfare. We invite Mr Murugeswaran, President of DAMAI to share his thoughts on the matter.

enchanting sabah

With our Malaysian student friends in America, MSGA and NAMSA have collaborated to interview the GM of Sabah Tourism Board on the rich experiences Sabah has to offer, and the journey so far to promote Sabah as a tourism destination.

Carrer Opportunities & Unemployment in east malaysia

In conjunction with out Bersama East Malaysia campaign, the theme for this month’s podcast is on Career Opportunities and Unemployment in East Malaysia. Tune in to listen to our conversation with Mr Lakshwin Muruga, the Chief Operating Officer at Women of Will.

Medical Care Accessibility in East Malaysia

In this episode, our discussion revolves around the theme of Medical care Accessibility in East Malaysia. We invited Dr Ezza Md Shah from PRISM IGNITERS to further explore the ongoing issues regarding this topic.

Special Edition: Zero Food Waste

In this episode, we’re discussing an ongoing issue that is happening all over the world, food waste. Reflecting on the holy month of Ramadan as well, we look into how during festive seasons they affect this ubiquitous phenomenon to another level. Featuring Lidia Adissadikin from MASCA, we share global perspectives of practicing a lifestyle regarding food waste as Malaysians in different countries!

Education Inequality in Malaysia: Our Education in Emergency

In conjunction with our Education campaign, our theme for this episode is Our Education in Emergency! We discuss the repercussions of Covid-19 on students in Malaysia, the exacerbation of education inequality and how the impacts could be dealt with moving forward. Tune in to listen to our chat with Chew from CHARISMA Movement!

Sustainability & Food Waste

Celebrating the month of Earth Day, in this episode we invited Aroe from Klima Action Malaysia for a chat! We discussed the role of youth in combatting climate change, the effect of food waste in our society, amongst many others. Tune in to find out more!

International Women’s Day 2020 EachforEqual

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, we invited guest speaker Qyira Yusri, Co-Founder of #Undi18 and The 111 Initiative, to discuss what this year’s theme EachforEqual means for all of us. Most importantly, looking at how we can each, as individuals, help achieve the goal of a gender equal world.

Women in Leadership and Representation in Politics

In our very first episode, we explore the theme of women, specifically in positions of leadership and in politics. Taking a twist from the usual discussion, we take a global perspective by featuring the President of our Member Council in France, and a male himself, Arvinderan Balakumaran.