Social Impact Award

Social Impact Award ​is open to any selfless student leader who has been volunteering his/her time, manpower, knowledge, and/or money for a specific cause that is impactful and has improved the wellbeing of the environment and/or community substantially.

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Information required for application process:

​1)Video pitch pertaining to his/her volunteering impact

2)Two references who can testify your volunteering work

3)Portfolio of work evidence (e.g. dates, photos, description, names of organisation/people involved)

For Video Pitch:

All candidates need to produce a 3-minutes (maximum) video based on the respective questions.

​​Describe your volunteer cause(s) and the challenges you have overcame to realize sustainable impact.

How winners will be selected:

1) Selection committee

The selection committee will be comprised of the Global Leadership Camp committee and MSGA senior management. Shortlisted candidates will be assessed together with the sponsors.

2) Assessment criteria

2.1 You will be generally assessed on:

​i)   Quality of application

ii)  Achievements/Involvements

iii) Level of impact

iv) Added value

v)  Virtual interview

2.2 Social Impact Award

​i)   Number of social organisations involved

ii)  Amount of contribution done in the organisation

iii) Level of impact of social initiatives

Application Process:

For further information:​

Contact : -

1) Jamie Kuk Mijim

    Director of Global Leadership Camp:

2) Darvhind Magayndran

    Co-Director of Global Leadership Camp: