Member Council of the Year (Aspiring)

Member Council of the Year (Aspiring) is open to any Member Council, with ​less than 10,000 active members, which has shown effective organisation management, outstanding achievements, and keeping an active presence in the community.

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Information required for application process:

1)Essay pertaining to the council’s impact throughout the year

2)Council’s activities/achievements portfolio of 2019/2020

Format of Council’s activities/achievements portfolio 2019/2020:

1)Introduction of the council – demographic, vision, mission, objectives, the board of management, breakdown of members

2)Council activities and involvement (internal and external)

3)Councils’ achievements

4)Financial statement – sponsorship, profits (you can choose to omit this, but it reduces the ability of the selection committee to make an assessment)

5)Proof of activities – pictures, video, report

6)Proposal for improvement

All candidates need to produce an essay on the respective questions:

Write a 2000 word essay on the positive impact created by your council. Describe the internal impact on the development of the members and external impact made to the students’ community in general.

How winners will be selected:

1) Selection committee

The selection committee will be comprised of the Global Leadership Camp committee and MSGA senior management. Shortlisted candidates will be assessed together with the sponsors.

2) Assessment criteria

2.1 You will be generally assessed on:

i)   Quality of application

ii)  Achievements/Involvements

iii) Level of impact

iv) Added value

v)  Virtual interview

2.2 Member Council of The Year (Aspiring)​

i)   Number of activities organised by the Member Council

ii)  Level of involvement with internal and external events/organisations.

iii) Level of positive changes made from their contribution

iv) Level of council’s achievements

Application Process:

For further information:​

Contact : -

1) Jamie Kuk Mijim

    Director of Global Leadership Camp:

2) Darvhind Magayndran

    Co-Director of Global Leadership Camp: